DO NOT let other switching services take YOUR commission!


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We would like you to know that only we recommend services that are tried and trusted.

We could have recommended a raft of services covering a range of subjects. But we do not. If we recommend a utility, why would we also send you to one we think is inferior?

Of course, there is nothing stopping you going to another switching service and paying more than you need to if you are adamant you will only do business with a limited number of outlets. That is your inalienable privilege and nobody should deny it to you.

But the purpose of this website is to recommend tried-and-trusted services. One for each category we cover. This is because we are not mercenary - we do not sell services or favours to those we cannot accept as being the best we can find.

This is why we ask you to consider your choices. Take a look at what we recommend, pick and choose, or just leave and look elsewhere. No pressure, no commitment, no funny tricks.

We sincerely hope you like what we offer. We all benefit if you switch using our website. Yes, we benefit too. But unlike the other switching services who try to make you think you are incapable of doing simple taks for yourself, we do business with the companies that appreciate your custom and will reward all of us for the business we do with them

So please chose. Either switch with this website, or let another switching service take all of the rewards that are on offer. It's entirely up to you!

Just a thought ...

Ever wonder how much money other switching services are paid to switch you to other companies? They are not working for free, are they? And guess what? The companies other switching services recommend are limited. Sometimes the best deals are not immediately highlighted and cannot be reached via their websites.

Just ponder upon it before you look elsewhere.