DO NOT let other switching services take YOUR commission!


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BANKING: Introduction.

No need to rob the bank! The Nationwide. will give you £100 for switching your account!


It is simple to begin. Just email us and let us know you wish to consider switching.

Within a few working days (will take a little longer at weekends) we will send you the link to switch your account.

That's it for now!

You can find more information about our current offer here: Nationwide.

Please note that over the course of time, we may eventually also work with different banks. This will depend upon any good deals we can find.


OK! You have received an email from us with an official link ("recommendation") to click on.

From here you just follow the simple instructions to open your new bank account.

Some important notes:

Nationwide says: You will need to switch your main current account to a Nationwide FlexAccount, FlexPlus or FlexDirect account within 90 days of the recommendation, and transfer at least two Direct Debits as part of the switch (standing orders and recurring card payments don't qualify). Note! Direct Debits are automatically transferred!

When you sign-up to Nationwide, you will find a text box in which to enter your switch code.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! If you fail to enter the switch code we send you, your reward will NOT be paid!

IF .. you are using an internet browser that blocks any part of the switch process, then please use a simpler one - JUST for this transaction. A basic version of Chrome browser (for example) should overcome any difficulties.

Help is always at hand!


You have entered your switch code and completed the simple paperwork with your usual details (name, address, telephone number, your previous bank's basic details, etc.)

Everything should be processed very smoothly. I would suggest, however, that of you want the cash reward for a special occasion, then begin your switch about one month in advance. This is because you first have to be approved by the Nationwide for an account.

A second reminder! That switch code is crucial! Please do not forget to enter it when prompted!

Any questions? Need help? Just drop us a line and we shall be there for you.

BANKING: Extra Information.

Look out for other benefits with the Nationwide. Different credit cards (if applied for) bring different benefits. Worth consideration!

  • Also consider depositing enough money into your account each month (currently £750) to qualify for FREE European travel insurance.

  • ALSO consider that once you are a member of your new bank that you maybe can EARN ADDITIONAL REWARDS for recommending friends. This is currently true of Nationwide.

That's it. Any questions? If you need any help with the switch, just drop us a line. Currently, we can switch up to five people for this system to work. Consider getting in early. Otherwise, please go directly to the bank of your choice for any switch you wish to make.