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What? Nothing? Nil? Zero? Zilch? Yada, yada, yada!

To good to be true? No!

Free Stuff?

Some kind-hearted folk are prepared to dispose of some their unwanted items for free. Only links to Wolverhampton are provided, though some of our links will also included advertisements which may entail cost or wider travel. They are just part of the mix.

Free Software?

Discover our recommendations. Tried-and-trusted software that is well-established and popular.

"We'll have the free meal, thank you!"

Free Stuff


Used Wolverhampton

Lots of free stuff in and around Wolverhampton.


Lots of 'wanted', but some free offers.


Offers that are quickly snapped-up.

News Now

A few free items now and again.

Free Ads

Another mixture of free and paid-for.


Free stuff ... but a lot outside of Wolverhampton.

Free Services, etc.

Removal Review

Moving home freebies.

Free Activities

Free things to do around Wolverhampton.

Disability Grants

Grants for disabled people.

Watch this space for any other links we find.

Free Software

Our Recommendations

Office Suite

Libre Office

I have explored several suites in recent years. There was one I preferred more than others, but came with certain 'irritations'. Libre office was a previous choice, but at the time, was resource-hungry. Now Libre office seems to be a better programme. You can download it here:


Email 'Cleaner'


I have been a big fan of MailWasher for some years now. MailWasher lets you read email data online and before downloading it. This means you can create filters to block emails from any source you wish, while at the same time create a safe list of trusted sources. The free version of this programme allows you to use one email address. If you have more than one you wish to use, then you will have to pay for the privilege. But for many people, one email account is all they use. You can download it here:


Email Storage


MailStore is a very useful piece of software. It allows you to archive emails that you may otherwise lose if you change server, change or delete email address, etc.

To read more about MailStore and to download the programme, please go here:


Email Clients

Thunderbird - and others

There is only one application that is worth recommending for offline usage. That is Thunderbird. But we'll throw in a couple of on-line email packages as well.

If you are using Gmail, or something similar, you are possibly not going to be interested if these applications are the 'centre of your universe'. But for mere mortals, something we can keep on our machines and use for off-line management, we need something more appropriate.

Essentially, Thunderbird does what is asy it will do. It's not absolutely perfect as it cannot do some of the things a paid-for package can do, but it is still very useful and easy to use.

Internet Browsers


There are numerous browsers that all have distinct features. I use Brave as my main browser.

It combines a lot of previously stand-alone add-ons and plug-ins as standard. In fact, I only use two extra piese of software to supplement this browser (Privacy badger and CSS Exfil). Privacy Badger enhances your (obviously) privacy when on the internet. CSS Exfil tests the vulnerability of your browser (all of the download links can be found below).

Note! As a precaution, and for extra security and privacy, consider going further than the default settings in each browser. Be careful with 'cookies' though as this can cause problems with online payment systems if you set them at the highest level. Cookies are a way of life on the internet, but you can restrict them further than is usually set for you by changing your settings.

Here are the links you need:



Anti-Virus & Security


Free versus paid-for. Security is the biggest issue you will face when using any device to connect to the internet. Even when you buy a new piece of equipment, you cannot be absolutely sure it does not have something nasty lurking inside.


There are some decent free security packages you can download, but my preference is paid-for. If you are prepared to pay, there are frequent 50% off offers for Kaspersky security packages. Kaspersky are regularly rated one of the best security providers around. I'll give a link further down this page.


Free programmes are always competing for top spot. One of the latest offerings provides you with multiple features - and all in one package. I have never used this software before, but it is well worth consideration.



Watch this space for any upcoming suggestions.