DO NOT let other switching services take YOUR commission!


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MOBILE NETWORK: Introduction.

GIFFGAFF! At last a phone network that does not repeatedly pester you!

Is your current network looking a bit dated and tired?

This is not so much a 'switch', it's a simple case of joining!

[1] How does it work? [2] What are the benefits of joining GIFFGAFF?


[1] Simply follow our link to join GIFFGAFF;

[2] Benefits? We have been with other networks and have found them 'wanting 'on numerous occasions. We have even encountered some that would not stop persecuting us with repeated unwanted text messages, voicemails, etc. This was even after we told them to stop.

But with GIFFGAFF no such nonsense You also get FREE £5 credit when you join - PLUS refer friends and earn further £5 credits for each one that also joins!

GIFFGAFF go beyond that 'extra mile' to make your experience of the company one of the best (if not the best) you will ever experience!

It's time to switch to GIFFGAFF!

Please note! Several times a year you may get a 'nudge' (friendly reminder) from GIFFGAFF if your SIM is being under-used. But that's it. You can opt in, or out of anything. You can chose PAYG or limited contract (which you are always in control of).

MOBILE NETWORK: There is no Step 2!

Just enjoy the service!

Remember, you are free to leave whenever you like! How good is that?

Some useful points:

When you top-up, you earn free time to talk to other GIFFGAFF users.

GIFFGAFF is much more than just another 'phone company'. It's something you have to experience for yourself. Check out their website and see all of the interesting things they are doing - but do not forget to go via our link!